In the month of September, Sparkabilities and The Hero of Color City, coming to theaters, iTunes and On Demand everywhere, October 3rd, present to you, the PlayWisely Activity of the Week.  Each week, your child will learn to draw a familiar and fun subject.  The final activity will incorporate all of the drawings into a final scene that you can enjoy and talk about with your child!

For the past several weeks, we have learned to draw a sun, a cloud with rain and a house.  If you missed these fun activities you can find a link to them here.

This week's activity features the color and Hero of Color City character, Green.  This week, we will learn to draw a tree using lines and circles and use our short strokes to draw grass.  This activity supports the development of fine motor skill, color recognition and shape recognition. 

Part 1:  2 Long Lines
Using the green or brown crayon, make two long parallel lines to represent the trunk of a tree.  Ask your child to copy your strokes, "Now, you try it!"

Part 2:  Add Circles
Next, draw the circle on circle shapes from the cloud activity to create the treetop. 

Part 3:  Make a Tree!
Color in the form with green and brown crayons.  Exclaim, "You made a tree!"

Part 4:  Add Grass
Using the short strokes learned in the sun activity add grass under your tree.

Part 5:  Add a Bush
Demonstrate making the circle on circle forms colored in with the green crayon to create a bush.

Talk to your child about the color green and things that they may recognize as being green.  Look for the color green when you are out and about!

For extra fun with colors, download and color this printable of Red from the movie, The Hero of Color City, coming to theaters, iTunes and On Demand everywhere, October 3rd!

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