In the month of September, Sparkabilities and The Hero of Color City, coming to theaters, iTunes and On Demand everywhere, October 3rd, present to you, the PlayWisely Activity of the Week.  Each week, your child will learn to draw a familiar and fun subject.  The final activity will incorporate all of the drawings into a final scene that you can enjoy and talk about with your child!

Our first activity features the color and Hero of Color City character, Yellow.  This week, we will learn to draw a sun using the color yellow through short strokes, long strokes and circles.  This activity supports the development of fine motor skill, color recognition and shape recognition.

To Get Started:
Download this graph paper file and print to use for the first several steps of this "Drawing Basics" activity.

Activity Graph Paper

Part 1:  Short Vertical Strokes
You can use a yellow crayon for this activity or any other color that is your child's favorite.  Demonstrate drawing ten vertical strokes in a row.  Count each stroke as you make them!  Ask your child to repeat what you just did and count along with them as they draw the short strokes.  You can use different colors if they would like.  Just be sure to keep it fun and interesting.  Praise your child and tell them what a great job they did!  

Part 2:  Short Horizontal Strokes
Next, demonstrate making the strokes horizontally in a row ten times.  Ask your child to repeat these strokes.

Part 3:  Long Strokes
Draw 2 thick parallel lines creating a pathway for your child to follow between.  Ask them to pick a favorite color crayon and draw a line between your two lines.  Continue, making the lines closer together requiring your child to apply effort and thought to exert control over hand and fingers.

Part 4:  Curves & Jags
Create curved or jagged lines or spiral pathways to have your child trace.

Part 5:  Make a Circle!
Demonstrate drawing a large circle.  Hold your child's hand while making the circle so their hand muscles experience the "feel" of the movement required to make a circle.  Next, ask your child to make circles themselves.  They won't be perfect to start but you should positively encourage every attempt!

Once your child enjoys making circles, you can practice control of the stroke by making circles inside the squares of the grid.

Part 6:  Let's Draw a Sun!
Using a yellow crayon, demonstrate drawing a large circle.  Now, ask your child to make his/her own circle!  Alternate placing large strokes and short strokes  around the circle to create rays.  Finally, place 2 dots in the circle for eyes and an upward arc for a happy smile!  You can then color the sun with the color yellow, if you would like.  

Talk to your child about the color yellow and the sun.  Yellow is a happy color and is the color of our sun that keeps us warm and helps plants grow!

For extra fun with colors, download and color this printable of Yellow from the movie, The Hero of Color City, coming to theaters, iTunes and On Demand everywhere, October 3rd!

Yellow, The Hero of Color City 

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